Remember, remember, the month of Movember

Movember officially begins next week - so we thought we'd provide you with a few tips and tricks to get some "Moustachery" going on around the office. Good luck, and well done to all of you for supporting this incredible cause!



First, find employees who have a passion for men’s health, who’ll inspire other employees to get on board. These are your Mo Leaders. Go for one big team or Movember can setup a network for multiple team approach to foster competition between offices or departments. And remember: never underestimate the power of a Mo Sista. They do everything Mo Bros do, minus the moustaches.


REGISTER TEAMS AND NETWORKS officially opens up for sign-ups in mid-September. If you decide to take the multi-team approach, You can reach out to them on LiveChat or and they can help you get set up with a network. A network allows for multiple teams to be grouped together and rank both the top individuals and teams in the network.



Utilise internal communications to spread the Movember message, promote your team or network and encourage folks to support your efforts. Content is king for communications. Share employee stories, pictures, infographics and videos of moustachery, but most importantly men’s health. Or even, feel free to reuse content from Movember’s News section or YouTube channel. Early on push the registration message, then transition to the fundraising message and finish with a thank you. It never hurts to get someone from the leadership to endorse the company’s Mo growing efforts.



Presentations and announcements at staff meetings are a great way to educate employees. Incentives go a long way: small gifts, contests and public acknowledgment of employee efforts drive sign-ups and fundraising. A great incentive for employee engagement is putting a bounty on an executive’s upper lip (e.g. If over 50 employees sign-up or employees raise £2,500 by Nov. 1st, the CEO will grow a Mo.)



Whether it’s a “Shave the Date” kickoff party or a mid-month happy hour, Movember is a great team-building opportunity. MOVE puts men’s health into action. A month-long stair or step challenge can help everyone MOVE more and also helps the Wellness department at your company achieve their goals. If you have a budget, go take over a fitness studio class with co-workers.

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