Benefex teams up with Dashly to offer mortgage benefits to employees

Benefex, the employee experience provider, has teamed up with Dashly, the mortgage data experts, to offer companies the opportunity to provide employees with advice and support when considering their mortgage. 

Adding mortgage advice and guidance adds to Benefex’s existing financial wellbeing offering. The new service will offer employees of Benefex’s clients access to independent and impartial advice along with information on the most competitive deals in the market through Dashly’s ‘always-on’ mortgage monitoring.   

Benefex offers a full suite of benefits to organisations around the world through its OneHub platform, connecting employee experiences across benefits, wellbeing, reward, recognition and communication. 

Dashly is the leading mortgage insights provider monitoring over £100bn worth of mortgages. Its online platform uses AI and other algorithm’s to ensure individuals get the best deal for their mortgage, taking a whole of market and independent view on the best products available for their requirements. 

Existing Benefex clients including Ocado, Cineworld and Wates have already signed up to offer this additional benefit to their employees and help provide support through the cost-of-living crisis and beyond.

Gethin Nadin, UK Mental Health Campaigner of the Year 2023 and Chief Innovation Officer, Benefex, said: “Worrying about money is often one of the biggest causes of stress and sleepless nights and this can affect employees and their work significantly. We support employees through every element of their life so it makes sense for us to provide access to the support they need during one of their biggest purchase decisions. 

“Adding Dashly to our service offering promotes employers as being great places to work, shows they are conscious of the current cost-of-living crisis and that they are committed to keeping employee wellbeing at the forefront of everything they do.”

Pete Harte, senior sales development manager, Dashly, said: “Having access to Dashly ensures employees never pay more for their mortgage than they need to. Working with Prudell we ensure employees get the right advice at the right time with a holistic and fully independent approach. 

“Dashly allows the employee to see the best deals on the market when they are buying a property or remortgaging. Using our platform, employees that sign up will also receive regular communication about the suitability of their existing mortgage. If there is a better deal they could move to and save money, even by paying early repayment charges, Dashly will let them know. 

“We’re all acutely aware of the pressures on personal finances right now and we want to do everything we can to help consumers save money where they can, and alleviate some of that pressure.”

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